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Flight Testing


  • Acquiring UAV Platforms
  • Assembly & Testing
  • Certification (of Pilots & UAVs)
  • Integration of the system

Michael Petry, Msc.
PhD, Airbus

Armaan Mohammed
BSc. Aerospace

Autonomous Flight


  • Development of the Autonomous Flight Stack
  • Definition of the Mission Profile
  • Integration of the autopilot with other teams

Salaheldin Hassan
BSc. Aerospace

Hansda Mahadev
BSc. Robotics, External

Zexuan Wang
Msc. Robotics

German Stelmakh
BSc. Aerospace



  • Avalanche transceivers
  • Radio signal analysis
  • Directional microphone array
  • Thermal detections
  • Visual detection
  • Sensor Fusion
  • Autonomous inference

Next tasks

Finn Süberkrüb, Msc.
PhD, Robotics & Cognition

PR & Funding


  • Taking care of Social Media & Website
  • Managing the Recruitment Process
  • Communication with sponsors & supporters network

Ahsan Ali
BSc. Aerospace

Anas Izaaryene
BSc. Aerospace